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Rising Storm

Rising Storm is an expansion and a modification for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. This game will be released to public after Heroes of Stalingrad has been published. Game is focused on Pacific war theatre between years 1942 and 1945. Rising Storm is created by experienced modding team together with Tripwire Interactive, the game developer behind original Red Orchestra and its successor.

Rising Storm is 1st person shooter based on Unreal engine’s technology. Developers at Tripwire Interactive have backed up this project by giving modders a development kit. Development software is somewhat the same that is used to build Heroes of Stalingrad. RS is planned to have wars fought between US and Japanese soldiers. Game will have multiplayer and solo player modes. This mod was launched in May of 2010. Playable public version of Rising Sun is planned to be released after Heroes of Stalingrad.

Rising Storm project will be lead by Tony Gillham, who has previously worked with Darkest Hour and Carpathian Crosses. Mark Dittman of After Hourz / Minion Workz will lead the level desing team.

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