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Looking for maps that I´ve made for Darkest Hour and Red Orchestra: Ostfront? They are here.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront Ostfront 41–45

This game was made possible when a developement team won a free license for Unreal Engine 2.5 and the next generation of it, version 3.0, with their modification called Red Orchestra: Combined Arms. Combined Arms was participating in a game contest that nVidia together with Epic Games organized. Winning top prize lead to foundation of Tripwire Interactive in 2005.

Tripwire Interactive’s Red Orchestra: Ostfront Ostfront 41–45 was originally released 14th of March 2006. Ostfront was Tripwire’s first published game. This war game is settled on Eastern front in World War 2. Battles can be fought in Soviet and in German side. Game has infantry maps, tank maps and few maps that combine both types. Latest official update for RO came in Spring 2007. At that time 10 new community made maps were released. Tripwire Interactive had polished them before release. Some of the latest official maps are listed below.

  • Smolensk Stalemate: Infantry map in ruined villages and trenches.
  • Leningrad: Combined arms map where German troops try to advance in Leningrad.
  • Berezina: Tank map where anti-tank guns were first introduced in RO.
  • Black Day July: Tank map that is geographically located in Prokhorovka area.

Development of this game has ceased. Information on this page might be outdated.

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