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Looking for maps that I´ve made for Darkest Hour and Red Orchestra: Ostfront? They are here.

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is a modification from Red Orchestra: Ostfront Ostfront 41–45. Modding Mare Nostrum started in July 2006 as two mod teams merged and formed Sandstorm Productions. First public version of this game came in March of 2008.

Mare Nostrum arrived in Steam in October ’08. Latest update for MN was received in April 2010. It might be the last one for this mod. In this update the developers have included a new map called Akrotiri Peninsula. Update includes some minor bug fixes and other changes. Also in December 2009 was reveiled a larger update when version 1.4 was unveiled. As of that version players can choose to play in British, Polish, Australian, Italian or in German uniform. New version brough 12 new maps. Some of them are listed below. Developers revealed on their forum in November ’09 that the latest release will have besides new maps also new vehicles, weapons, units, gameplay changes, bug fixes and miscellaneous updates.

  • Crete: Fallschimjägers are dropped against Australian defenders.
  • Ancona Approach: Fallschimjägers are defending against advancing Polish forces.
  • Gazala Line: Large tank map in desert.
  • Road To Tunis: British forces are pushing their way against Axis defenders.
  • Tobruk Central: Australians are trying to defend besieged village.
  • Bardia: Italians are defending their garrison.

This mod is build with a team that consists of four lead developers and a dozens of handyman from all around the world.

Development of this game has ceased. Information on this page might be outdated.

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