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July 2018: please tell your friends and family to get the Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 mod for RO1. The game needs more players! Despite it being almost 10 years old, it still gets new updates somewhat regularly thanks for dedicated modders. The most recent update was published earlier July (that was version 8.0.10). It added a couple new constructable pieces; Dragon's Tooth and Vehicle Pool. There were also quite a few smaller adjustments, like how supply caches must now have longer distance between them to prevent "hax" by those who just build instead of fight (it’s like with those types of persons who hunt for welcome bonuses in different gaming platforms by learning how to search the right thing in a foreign language, like for example googling "Suomalainen casino" could find welcome bonuses offered in Finland).

Kuopassa's maps for Darkest Hour and Red Orchestra

I have built several maps for Darkest Hour. Here’s a list of some playable stuff. Some maps have historical background, some are purely fictional.

14 June 2014: This set of maps has been deleted from my Web host, as I was running out of disk space. The files are hosted elsewhere and their download links might be updated to this page if I just remember to do that. If you’ve got questions to ask, please use this form.

Maps for Darkest Hour

DH-After_Elbe_(day) (5.68 MB)
This file was created 16. April 2011 and updated 10. August 2012. Elbe is a place in Germany. This is infantry map between Germans and Americans. It has rolling hills, bushes, trees, a couple small warehouses and in the center a hastly made defense area for the German forces. Some of the sandbags can be destroyed with satchels. There is a pillbox and there is a small network of tunnels. One of the capzones is set in underground. The map has spraying and praying like in COD, but it needs some coordination for the attackers to get inside tunnels. (15.50 MB)
This file was created 17. December 2010 and updated 10. August 2012. This one has many names, DH-Fuhrerbunker, Fuehrerbunker, Führerbunker. It's early beta version was published for Ostfront. Later on development for this continued on Darkest Hour. DH-Fuhrerbunker is mainly infantry map and set above and below ground level: there is a fairly compex tunnel network underground. Above ground one can see totally destroyed city with smoke and flames, debris and wrecked vehicles. Germans defend, Americans attack. The overall atmosphere is in my opinion very good. (11.81 MB)
This file was created 3. July 2011 and updated 10. August 2012. Kronach is a village in Germany. The map is set in April 1945. These are the realistic parts of this map -- everything else is again fictional like in most of my maps. Kronach consists of several buildings that can be accessed. Buildings are custom made, so are some of the textures, sounds and animations and other details. The map is meant to be a small mainly infantry clash between Americans and Germans. The map has some clever details, like animated clouds in the sky, a small part of enterable sewer, a slippery roof, multi-floor building and some white flags in the buildings. (14.36 MB)
This file was created 10. February 2011 and updated 10. August 2012. A combined arms map between Germans and Americans. The map has custom skybox texture and a fairly long view of distance. There's not much cover. The map is cut in half with a chain of dragon's teeth and other obstacles. Some of the obstacles can be destroyed. This map hasn't received as much attention from me and not from the DH's playerbase -- therefore map is far from polished and not very well optimized nor balanced. (911.53 kB)
This file was created 5. December 2011 and updated 10. August 2012. Tanks, guns and artillery pieces in Darkest Hour. This is not meant to be playable map, it's just for presentation to see what kind of vehicles and stuff can be found from Darkest Hour. (1.93 MB)
This file was created 12. October 2010 and updated 12. October 2010. (2.76 MB)
This file was created 16. September 2010 and updated 16. September 2010.
DH-Somewhere_Field_a2.rar (1.30 MB)
This file was created 22. August 2010 and updated 22. August 2010. (5.57 MB)
This file was created 3. October 2010 and updated 10. August 2012. A fictional scenario. Commando troops are sent to sabotage a German submarine pen, called Valentin. Valentin is a real concrete bunker in Germany that was constructed between 1943-1945. The U-boat pen was unfinished as RAF bombed it using Grand Slam bombs and Tallboy bombs, known as earthquake bombs. The fictional part is: before the RAF raid, Allied forces try to destroy parts of the building using a small infantry force. (3.20 MB)
This file was created 12. February 2011 and updated 10. August 2012. This is a small team deathmach map. Infantry only. A farm area is set in winter time, in night time, when a lone aircraft crashes nearby.

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