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Looking for maps that I´ve made for Darkest Hour and Red Orchestra: Ostfront? They are here.

About Red Orchestra and its many modifications

Red Orchestra is a war game based on 2nd World War. This game was originally created as a modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. That mod received name Red Orchestra: Combined Arms, or Red Orchestra Mod for short. In March of 2006 the first real RO game was introduced by US based game developing company Tripwire Interactive.

After Red Orchestra: Ostfront Ostfront 41–45 was released in the first months of 2006, it was using Unreal game engine. It still is and so will the future Red Orchestra game use. That game engine is used also in RO’s offspring, the many modifications for this game. At the moment Red Orchestra has active modding teams for Darkest Hour: Europe ’44–‘45 and Mare Nostrum. The first one mentioned is focused on Western front and espesially Normandy. DH has been available since summer of 2008. Mare Nostrum was offered to public consumption first in 2008 and its focus is on the African, Mediterranean and also Middle East theatres of World War 2.

Besides these modifications, there were a third sibling, called Carpathian Crosses. That mod was about the Romanian army in WW2. Carpathian Crosses project was terminated in Autumn 2009, but despite that its first beta version was published. It can be downloaded from Internet.

Besides these projects, it was announced in 2006 that mods called Burning Sands: Afrikafeldzug 40-43, Defence Alliance and Campagna Italiana: Road to Rome were being constructed. In Tripwire’s forum it was mentioned in June 2006 about an Aztec Empire Mod project being under construction.

This first official mod that was published for Ostfront was Defence Alliance. The development team of this game brought this game to publicity in November 2006. This mod was short-lived and was abandoned in 2007 or 2008.

Iron Europe is yet another modification, but it is planned to be based on Unreal Engine 3.0, meaning that it will be constructed after Heroes of Stalingrad has been launched.

IE is focused solely on the Great War. It will offer playable sides from the German Imperial Army and the British Expeditionary Force and it will include commonly used small arms in World War 1.

Red Orchestra and its modifications are meant to be played in multiplayer mode. All these games are aimed to please those players, who wish to experience almost simulator style way of “playing war” in the 2nd World War. Red Orchestra can be purchased from Steam. After installing Steam’s application and purchasing a license for RO, player can download before mentioned modifications free of charge. In these games will be briefly introduced.

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